How to Install the SnapEDA Plugin for Eagle

  1. Download Eagle (if necessary)

  2. Upon launching Eagle, you’ll see the Control Panel. Go to File > Open > Scripts > and select eagle.scr. Add the following line to the MENU area in both the BRD and SCH sections: 

'[bin/snapeda.png] SnapEDA : Run snapeda.ulp;'\

3. Download the SnapEDA Eagle Plugin ( After unzipping, move both snapeda.ulp and into Documents > eagle > ulps.
4. In the bin folder, add the snapeda.png icon from Downloaded folder.
5. The SnapEDA plugin is now installed. When you start a new Schematic or Board, you should be able to see the SnapEDA icon in the top menu bar.

Note: If you are using older versions of Eagle,move both snapeda.ulp and into the ulp folder in the Eagle application directory.

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