As a designer, it always necessary to verify symbol-to-footprint mappings and footprint dimensions before taking your boards to production.

Additionally, SnapEDA is innovating in this space by providing unprecedented transparency into the quality of CAD parts, helping designers catch errors before they happen. One example of this is the SnapEDA Checker. The checker runs algorithms through each CAD file to check for common manufacturing issues.

The checker runs through DFM rules, such as silkscreen clearance, solder mask/paste sizes, zero component orientation, and naming. The check also does unique full-data analysis to identify possible errors.

Additionally, users can also approve or disapprove CAD parts to provide a feedback loop to other designers.

SnapEDA provides only a starting point, but it should always be verified. We do, however, offer a verification system that allows engineers to vouch for parts, or flag issues they see. This is a feedback loop for any issues you may find in the CAD library, however while it serves as a general frame of reference, CAD data must always be verified before sending a design to manufacturing.

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