NOTE: We're currently ensuring compatibility for versions up to v5.1.10. Newer versions may not appear after installing, which will be fixed on the next update.

How to Install the SnapEDA Plugin for KiCad:

  1. Download the SnapEDA KiCad Plugin (

  2. Please follow the steps below according to your operating system:

    - In your Home directory, create a folder named .kicad_plugins.
    - Extract the file inside of it.

    NOTE: For Ubuntu distributions, python3-tk must be installed prior to these steps.

    - After unzipping, move both file and imagemagick folder into %KICAD_INSTALL_PATH%/share/kicad/scripting/plugins.

  3. In KiCad, click on Edit PCB

  4. In Pcbnew, click Tools > External Plugins > Refresh Plugins.

You will now be able to see and initiate the SnapEDA KiCad Plugin from within the External Plugins dropdown.

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