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How to Place Parts on Altium using SnapEDA Desktop App
How to Place Parts on Altium using SnapEDA Desktop App
Here's a guide on how to download and import parts into Altium using the SnapEDA Desktop App
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**REQUIREMENT: You need to have the SnapEDA Altium Plugin installed before connecting the SnapEDA Desktop App to Altium.

**NOTE: The SnapEDA Desktop App only supports versions 21 and above. Make sure that your Altium software is connected to your Tools tab.

These are the steps to place your parts or add parts to a library in Altium Designer.

  1. Open the SnapEDA Desktop App

  2. Search for the part that you want

  3. If the part is available, click the part

  4. Choose Altium Designer

  5. Choose Place Parts

  6. Wait for the Altium Designer to open (if it's not yet opened)

  7. It will automatically create a Schematic Document where you can place the part

  8. Once it's done downloading, place the part on the Schematic Sheet

  9. Check that the Symbol, Footprint, and 3D model are also downloaded.

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