Note: Our team is currently working on solving this bug.

These are the steps to avoid restarting your Kicad v6.0 when attempting to add parts:

  1. In the File Explorer on your computer, go to the following location:

    C: > Users > Your computer name > SnapEDA KiCad Plugin > Kicad Library

  2. Right-click on the “SnapEDA Library.pretty” folder and select “Copy as Path”

  3. In your KiCad program go to Preferences>Manage Footprint Libraries.

4. In the Footprint libraries window, select Global Libraries, and on the Library Path for the SnapEDA Library paste the path you had copied in step 2 and then click OK.

Now the footprints you add from the SnapEDA Desktop App to your KiCad 6 will be automatically saved into your Footprint Libraries.

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