Follow these steps to import into Fusion360 using the SnapEDA Plugin for Windows:

  1. On the New Design Tab, go to Utilities.

  2. Click on the SnapEDA icon to open the SnapEDA Plugin. If this is the first time you use the App, introduce your credentials.

    Note: you can also access the plugin by going to File > New Electronics Design > New PCB > Tools.

  3. Search for the part you want to add to your Library, once you have found it, select it and click Download.

  4. On the next window select Import Part.

  5. Make sure to rotate the 3D model if needed and click on Save.

  6. Go to the SnapEDA Library tab on the left, and click on Save.

  7. Once done, open your project or go to File > New Electronics Design > New Schematic.

  8. Click on Place Component, select All Libraries and search for the SnapEDA Library.

  9. Double click on the component you just download or drag and drop it to place it in your design.

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