Follow these steps to successfully import your multi-section symbol into OrCad Capture:

This only applies to OrCad V16.6 and later. For older versions, please reach out to us to provide you with the file.

  1. Extract the files from the downloaded .zip folder.

  2. In your OrCad, go to File > Import > EDIF.

  3. For the Open text field, click on Browse, navigate to the part you downloaded and select the .edf file.

  4. For the Configuration file text field, click on Browse, and select the EDI2CAP.CFG file.

  5. Click OK.

  6. Go to File > New > Project, or File > Open > Project to select your existing project.

  7. On the left side menu, right-click on Library and select Add file.

  8. Select the .olb file and click Open. It should now appear under the Library folder.

  9. Click on “Place part” and under Packaging, it will show you how many sections it has and you can choose the one you would like to place.

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